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Our Charity, Our Community.

We are small team of Nigerians on a mission to provide education and healthcare for every child in Nigeria.
Here at voiceless voices we are on a mission. We cannot send all children to school. We can’t build hospitals or universities, but we can send children to school and fund medical bills to help one child at a time. Making sure no child is left behind, and we can’t do this without your help.

Join us and help us give back a voice to the voiceless.

How You Can Get Involved

Call +44 7583 525010 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Support Our Effort

We are currently raising money to send street kids to school. Education has the power to transform lives. When children are given the chance to learn, they can break free from poverty. They can build brighter futures for their families, their communities and their countries. Every child deserves that chance. The mission is to leave no child behind. Therefore, anything donated will go towards payment of school fees of these children.


We will be introducing a new and exciting apprenticeship scheme where young children can develop lifelong skills that would support them through their life. The program will launch the child’s career, allow them to start earning and gain them a nationally recognised qualification. They will gain invaluable experience of working in a professional environment with the benefits of formal training.

Policy And Lobbying

Our policy team learn from our national practice base and our groundbreaking research to find solutions to the problems children are facing today and lobby the government to change these.
Today our policy work is focused on these groups of disadvantaged children:
Children in poverty
Children at risk including children who run away and those involved in or at risk of sexual exploitation
Young refugees and migrants including trafficked and undocumented children at risk of radicalisation
Mental health and children and young people’s wellbeing.
By focusing our efforts on the most marginalised or discriminated young people we strive to ensure that every child has a good childhood. Which benefits them later in life.
Saving Lives and Building

Families Since 2010

650 +




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What We Do

1. Addressing the challenges women and children face today.
2. Tackling poverty by creating different opportunities that will help uplift people who live below the poverty line with a focus on women and children
3. Promote gender equality to any marginalized group through empowerment and education to ensure dignity and respect.
4. To provide education and other awareness programs
5. To promote equality, social justice and empowerment to the weaker population within the society through social change
6. Promotion of women empowerment in order to improve their economic strength by enrolling them into entrepreneurship schemes, focus groups and support programs

Our Mission

Voiceless Voices delivers formative and sustainable quality-of-life to the less privilege in Nigeria by efficiently providing access to electricity and improving hygiene and sanitation practices in areas of great need, enabling people to thrive both today and tomorrow.

Become A Sponsor. Get Involved.

We are grateful to our sponsors’ support. They generously support us either through financial or in-kind donations allowing us to provide more to those in need.

Would you like to be a sponsor? You can support us too. Please contact us today at +44 7583 626010 to learn more about out sponsorship opportunities. Together, we can change lives one voice at a time.

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